Balloon Tethers

Balloon tether
What is a balloon tether?
A balloon tether is an actual hot air balloon flight. The balloon is anchored to the ground, then allowed to ascend 60-80 feet above the ground, where it hovers briefly with its passengers, before it slowly descends. This is repeated several times to provide all of your guests the opportunity to enjoy a ride in the balloon.

Are you planning a large family outing or company picnic? Balloon Impressions has the perfect crowd pleaser for your special event. We can provide a tethered balloon that will give you and your guests an opportunity to experience the feeling of weightless flight in a beautiful hot air balloon.

Two things to consider: First, the winds on the day of the tether must be light; and secondly, the area where you propose to conduct the balloon tether must be inspected by Balloon Impressions to ensure suitability for safety. Read more

At Balloon Impressions, we can help you plan a fun-filled, successful event—just give us a call at 513-724-6400.

2018 Rates for Balloon Tethers
2-hour minimum $1295.00
Each additional hour $450.00
Site Inspection fee $75.00
  • All listed rates are for tether locations within Cincinnati's I-275 loop. Locations outside the I-275 loop incur an additional fee of $.60 per mile.
  • There is a $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT required to schedule your event.
  • NOTE: A tethered hot air balloon is an actual flight. As in all flights conducted by Balloon Impressions, the Pilot in Command has final authority on whether to continue or cancel due to various safety conditions. If your event is cancelled by Balloon Impressions and/or the Pilot in Command due to weather conditions, you will have the opportunity to reschedule.
  • All restrictions contained in our Terms and Conditions apply, including the RELEASE OF LIABILITY. We provide a copy of the RELEASE OF LIABILITY for your event organizer to review prior to the tether. Passengers are required to sign the RELEASE OF LIABILITY in the presence of Balloon Impressions representatives before being allowed to board the balloon. We recommend that event organizers develop their own release/waiver for your guests as well. You are welcome to use the our RELEASE OF LIABILITY as a quideline.
  • Also, if desired, we can include your event on our insurance policy for an additional $75.00. This fee is non-refundable and paid to our insurance underwriter prior to the event to amend our policy. It is very date specific.