Balloon Advertising

Hot air balloon advertising creates excitement that attracts and holds attention. You do not have to be a large or major corporation to benefit from balloon advertising. From special shape balloons to banners or inlaid graphics with your specific logo, Balloon Impressions can help design the right program to fit any advertising budget.

Balloon advertising

Why advertise with hot air balloons?

  • A hot air balloon is a huge, colorful, living, moving billboard and an effective, affordable marketing tool.
  • Annually, more than six million people attend hundreds of balloon events nationwide. This number exceeds those attending any other outdoor summer activity, including baseball games and car races. By using balloon advertising at such events, your message is carried over an expansive, captive audience.
  • Hot air balloons can also make an impact at other sporting events as well. They can attract the attention of your target audience and increase your company's exposure by millions.
  • Hot air balloons are cost effective and, even more importantly, have real impact that conventional advertising methods often lack. It is not surprising that advertising balloons are being used successfully by Disney, Pepsi, Rayovac, CPI photofinish, Ball Park Franks, Jack in the Box, and Pontiac in corporate marketing programs. Hundreds of local businesses are also using hot air balloons to achieve a wide variety of marketing goals.
  • Representing a company or product with a dramatic, special shape balloon has never been easier. The advent of computer-aided design has made complex special shapes an affordable reality. Visualize your product as a balloon. For only the initial cost of design and manufacture, and virtually no increase in operating expenses, your company can have a one-of-a-kind balloon that will maximize its marketing efforts.

Hot air balloon campaigns are easily managed. At Balloon Impressions, we provide professional management and operational support, allowing you to get involved as little or as much as you want.

Liability: Many agreements are written to specify that Balloon Impressions, as operator of the balloon, owns all of the equipment. That way a sponsor is not involved with the operation of the aircraft in any way. Although we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, this is generally considered sufficient sponsor/operator separation to protect a sponsor from direct liability. For further protection, a balloon sponsor is named as an additional insured on the aircraft insurance policy.

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